MPU membership categories include: National Society Member, Individual Member, Emeritus Member, and Affiliated Member.

All members are invited to register in the ISPP World Directory of Plant Pathologists.

National Society Member

Any national society of phytopathology and closely related fields from a country of the Mediterranean Region will become a National Society Member when a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) is signed by both parties.

A draft of the MoU and the benefits to national society members can be viewed here. Fees for National Society members in the Mediterranean Region are nil for developing country societies, and €300,00 for developed country societies.

Individual Member

Any individual or entity, with or without a legal status, including those exercising activity for profit, who has interests in plant pathology and related topics, or in disseminating the MPU journal, can become an Individual Member.

Individual Membership fees are: €50 in developed countries; €25 in developing countries; 50% off for students; €400 for non-Mediterranean entities in developed countries; €150 for non-Mediterranean entities in developing countries.

Emeritus Member

A retired member who has been an MPU member who has rendered distinguished services to the Union can become an Emeritus member.

Affiliated Member

Any society, organization, institution or network with interests in phytopathology and closely related fields, can become an Affiliated Member.